You are about to see, for the first time a real-time 3D demonstration of unparalleled quality with no plugin developed by ACTISKU. Simply using your browser, with no plugin required, you can take a look around this candle-lit Crypt developed by Unigine. The code, developed by Anthony Liot at ACTISKU, is written in JavaScript and uses WebGL. It can therefore be executed in all browsers which support WebGL.

ACTISKU is specialized in developing real-time 3D marketing solutions. In order to democratize the use of its 3D solutions, ACTISKU has been actively looking at ways to visualize impressive 3D graphics without any plugin. Thanks to this development more people will now be able to access such quality 3D solutions.

UNIGINE is a real-time multi-platform 3D engine for games, simulation, visualization and virtual reality systems. It is used in many projects, including benchmarks (Heaven, Valley and others) and Oil Rush naval strategy game.


ACTISKU: Adaptation of the Unigine engine into JavaScript and all related optimizations by Anthony Liot.

Unigine: We would like to thank Unigine for the use of the Crypt demo and their support during the development.

Mozilla: We would like to thank Mozilla for its enthusiasm and support from the very beginning. A special thanks is due for Alon Zakai in particular without whom the project would not have been possible.

Known      issues

Internet Explorer does not currently support WebGL.
As older versions of Safari do not have Float64Array it will not run the compiled code.